REU Program



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This summer internship provides the opportunity for undergraduate students to conduct research on topics of global significance. Students work closely with faculty advisors and other student researchers.

CReSIS REU students have: Calibrated a radar to use on the Greenland ice sheet, Analyzed the stability of a remote controlled aircraft for use in Antarctica, Designed and built a sled to help measure ice layers in Greenland, Debugged wireless communications for collecting data on the ice sheets, Calculated Antarctic snow accumulation using radar data, Learned about ice streams speeding up and ice shelves collapsing and Worked with world-class scientists to understand and predict the role of polar ice sheets in sea level change.

2013 REU Students2012 REU Students

2012 REU Students

Selected students receive:

  • $3600 Stipend
  • On-campus room and board
  • Tuition for one hour of college credit
  • Transportation costs from their home to campus

Elizabeth City State University leads these opportunities through the CyberInfrastructure for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets REU site, co-funded by the Department of Defense. ESCU serves as a launching point for an estimated 20 undergraduate students to study with research teams at Elizabeth City State University, the University of Kansas, Indiana University, and Pennsylvania State University.