Mitchell, ECSU to Host Summer Cloud Computing Workshop


By Shawn Schaller
Spring 2011

Elizabeth City, N.C.: Indiana University and CReSIS graduate student Jerome Mitchell will host a cloud computing workshop at Elizabeth City State University from June 7–July 5, 2011. Cloud computing, CReSIS’ primary data-management resource, is the growing concept of remote data storage and processing.

Mitchell said the ultimate objective of the workshop is to educate students who lack opportunities to learn about advances in computing technology. Attendance at the workshop will not be limited, but Mitchell said he hopes the program will reach minority students specifically.

“Cloud computing is considered a new paradigm of computing…but participation from under-represented groups is small,” Mitchell said. “This workshop allows students to gain knowledge about it.”

Cloud computing

Photo 1: A diagram featured in one of Mitchell's presentation provides a breakdown of cloud computing. Photo courtesy of Jerome Mitchell.

Through the use of a “teach one, teach many” approach, Mitchell said he hopes to educate as many people as possible. This approach involves targeting faculty and administrators who, according to Mitchell, can pass the knowledge onto their respective classes of 25 to 30 students. A diverse audience is key to the reach and influence of the workshop.

Activities throughout the first week of the workshop, June 7–10, will primarily be directed toward faculty and administrators. Graduate students and research education undergraduate students are invited to participate in the workshop for the duration of the month.

Mitchell, a graduate research assistant, will present several types of technology throughout the workshop, including cloud computing and programming models. One program Mitchell will display, FutureGrid, is an experimental system developed by Indiana University to communicate cloud concepts.