Gloria J. Brown-Simmons Speaks at CERSER, Elizabeth City State University


By Jennifer Salva
Fall 2011

On November 5, Gloria J. Brown-Simmons, an Aesthetic Engineer who uses visual art to make planetary data understandable and relatable, visited CReSIS partner Elizabeth City State University in Elizabeth City, N.C., to give a lecture entitled “Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment” as part of the Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research (CERSER) Fall 2011 Distinguished Lecture Series. CERSER develops and implements relevant, innovative research collaborations centered on marine, ocean, coastal and ice sheet research.

Brown-Simmons demonstrated how climate change information can be clearly represented through images, diagrams, and interactive models. She also spoke on her innovations in youth education through the GLOBE Program, which provides geo-education to young students and demonstrated how an interactive gaming environment can be used to reach and educate demographics of all ages.

Gloria J Brown-Simmons

According to Brown-Simmons’ academic profile, her aesthetic insight enhances image processing, animation, simulation and interactive immersive environments. The exquisite beauty of science is clearly reflected in Brown-Simmons’ artistic, yet factual depictions, and her passion for education was more than evident in her presentation.

Brown-Simmons’ work helps young minds merge science, technology and art in unique ways, hopefully inspiring them to seek further knowledge in STEM fields of education.

Image courtesy of Erin Zingre.