Dr. Karlsson Visits CReSIS


By Shawn Schaller
Fall 2011

On Sept. 19, 2011, Dr. Nanna Karlsson, a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Copenhagen’s Centre for Ice and Climate, paid a visit to CReSIS headquarters in Lawrence, Kan., to present a lecture on “Retrieving basal conditions from Central and North East Greenland using radar data.”

Karlsson’s primary research interests lie in using ice-flow models and radar data to study past and present ice-flow dynamics. As a Ph.D. student, she worked with radar data from Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica and was even involved with the interpretation of data taken from Mars’ North Pole. She is currently studying the conditions underneath the Greenland ice sheet.

During her CReSIS lecture, Karlsson presented a map of possible water-flow routes underneath the Greenland ice sheet and showed how those routes can be altered by gravity and mass-balance in less than 100 years. These studies hold a special significance for the Center because CReSIS data collected in Greenland show melting areas at the ice sheet’s base.


Dr. Nanna Karlsson presentation poster courtesy of Erin Zingre.

“If we are to better understand the dynamics of the Greenland ice sheet,” Karlsson said on the importance of the topic, “added insights into this water-drainage system might prove crucial.”

The Center and its members would like to thank Dr. Karlsson for her time and acumen on the Greenland ice sheet and wish her continued success in her future research endeavors.