REU Student Continues to Have Connection With CReSIS


By Megan O’Sadnick
Winter 2008

On October 8 and 9, I had the opportunity to attend the fifteenth annual West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) workshop held at the Algonkian Meeting Center in Sterling, Virginia. As an REU student working at CReSIS this past summer, I conducted research on mapping the internal layers of ice sheets using a 12-18 GHz radar.

At the workshop, I presented my initial results and was able to discuss them with many other researchers. I was joined by other members of the KU CReSIS team: Richard Alley and Huw Horgan from PSU, and William Blake and Claude Laird from KU. Presentations were given on a variety of topics and applied to one of the four main themes which included: looking at the past to see forward, how one model can benefit another model, the uses and impacts of the ANtarctic geological DRILLing (ANDRILL) project data, and how to improve predictions of future WAIS behavior.

Attending the workshop was a great way to witness the many aspects of polar research. The atmosphere was relaxed and informal, with an emphasis placed on discussion. I hope in the future to be able to present more research at similar conferences.

For a complete list of the posters and presentations as well as the corresponding abstracts please visit: