Several New Staff Members Join CReSIS


By Nick Mott
Winter 2011

Sorcha Hyland-Sidener joined CReSIS as a part-time Program Assistant in December 2010. She also works part-time as Outreach Coordinator at KU’s Spencer Museum of Art. Hyland-Sidener attended the University College Dublin and hopes that she can offer an artistic and creative mindset in thinking about climate science. She said that she was attracted to the science-driven element of the workplace, the emphasis on knowledge transfer, and the diversity of the community.

Sorcha Hyland-Sidener

Dr. Jilu Li joined CReSIS as an Assistant Research Professor in January 2011. Before arriving at CReSIS, Li worked on underwater acoustic instruments at a company based in San Diego. Two years ago he received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas under the direction of Prof. Prasad Gogineni. Now back with CReSIS, he hopes to advance the capability of radar data acquisition systems and to have the opportunity to collect data in the field.

Jilu Li

Kevin Player joined CReSIS as an Engineering Associate in January 2011. Player is a former CReSIS graduate student and received his MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas in 2009. After graduation, Player worked on radar system engineering at a Las Vegas-based company called JT3. At CReSIS, Player will focus on radar hardware development, developing new technology, and helping graduate students with their projects. “The technology they develop at CReSIS is top of the line,” he said. “It’s fascinating to have the opportunity to work with it and to have a good team.”

Kevin Player