CReSIS in the Classroom: Sildiane Quinteros


Winter 2011

Mrs. Sildiane Quinteros is a fourth-grade teacher at Whittier Elementary School in Kansas City, KS, site of CReSIS’ successful Family Science Night last April. Mrs. Quinteros discusses the impact Cheri Hamilton’s lessons have had on her 22 students both inside and outside the classroom.

How long have students in your class been working with her?

My students have been working with Cheri Hamilton since September 13 of 2010.

How have Cheri Hamilton’s visits changed your own method of teaching science in elementary school, if it has?

Her organization makes the lessons run smooth. She is well-informed in the subject and is a great mentor for how science is to be taught. It has shown me that Science is fun for students if we are well prepared and expect students to perform. Her hands-on inquiry keeps the students’ attention.

What was the feedback to the science night held last spring?

We had a great turnout. My students this year have commented on how much fun they had that night and were excited to know that they would be working with Mrs. Hamilton personally this year.

What CReSIS/Hamilton activity excites the students most?

The students are always excited about all the inquiries she brings. They truly value that she calls them all scientist and they always look forward to wearing the lab coat to be Mrs. Hamilton’s assistants.

Do you notice more of a concern for the health/future of the planet in your students as a result of being exposed to climate change science at a young age?

Actually the more science the students are exposed to, the more concern I see in them for their environment and the earth. They are starting to take interest in the world around them. Some of the students have signed up with another student here to start an environmental club. They stop me from throwing away any paper – opting instead for the recycling bins. And little things at home, because Mrs. Hamilton has taught them about the limited drinkable water in the world, they have tried to stop wasting it by not letting the water run when brushing their teeth.