Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)


By Tyler Wieland
Fall 2013

Each year, the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS) REU Program selects exceptional undergraduate students for a summer research experience. The program, led by the CReSIS Education Coordinator Darryl Monteau,is currently accepting applicants for summer 2014.

REU 2014

Image 1: REU 2014 promotional flyer. (Image by Elizabeth Post)

Monteau said, “The CReSIS REU program provides students the opportunity to enhance their research skills and work with our faculty and graduate students on projects related to their discipline, all while contributing to current research at CReSIS.”

The highlights of the programinclude a unique undergraduate research experience, a $3,600 summer stipend to complete research projects, on-campus room and board, tuition for a one hour summer course, and transportation costs from the students’ home to a CReSIS research institution, which could be the University of Kansas, Indiana University, or Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina.

Tamara Bell

Image 2: REU student, Tamara Bell, presenting her summer research at the University of Kansas Undergraduate Poster Presentation in July 2013. (Photo courtesy of Darryl Monteau)

The Program gives students the opportunity to network with faculty, staff and other students at the Center’s partnering institutions and organizations, according to Monteau; giving students access to the most relevant mentors and researchers. Applications are due February 21, 2014, and selected participants will be notified in March if they are selected for the two-month summer research program.

Monteau said, “Students who have participated in our REU programs in the past have always commented on how much they enjoyed the program. The best part for us [at CReSIS] is hearing from students who were inspired and motivated to enter graduate school.”