Welcoming new staff at CReSIS


By Vicky Diaz-Camacho
Spring 2014

Jennifer Bean, 39, was born in Lawrence and works for CReSIS as the Accounting Specialist. She attained a B.S. in Agriculture/Animal Science and holds a Master of Business Administration. Outside of work she said she enjoys traveling. Her coffee of choice? She sips on Vanilla Cappuccinos. Jennifer’s favorite food is Italian and her favorite comedian is Jerry Seinfeld.

Shannon McGill is 22 and hails from Omaha, Nebraska, though she says the Rocky Mountains will always be her home. This summer, she is working as a graphic designer for CReSIS as part of the Knowledge Transfer team. She completed her BFA in Visual Communication this past May and will finish her degree in Community Health this coming spring. Outside of class and work, she enjoys biking, hiking, growing food, painting, and cooking. Her coffee of choice? “I prefer a light roast with a splash of almond milk.” Her favorite comedian in her own words, “Tina Fey, man, Tina Fey.” Her favorite food, nutrition aside, said she could probably survive on mashed potatoes, popcorn, and kimchi. A fun fact about Shannon is she is a warm weather fiend. “I am getting the heck out of the Midwest as soon as I can.”

Jawad Ahmed Obaid is 31 and from the United Arab Emirates. He serves as the CReSIS Project Coordinator. Jawad has a B.S in Computer Science and an M.S in Engineering Management, both from KU. Outside of work, he likes reading, watching Discovery and National Geographic, as well as hanging out with friends. His coffee of choice? “I like my coffee strong and very sweet, lots of sugar & cream,” he said. His favorite comedian is Chelsea Handler. Jawad’s favorite food includes burgers and fries and pizza. A fun fact about him is he collects Disney movies on Blu-ray!