CReSIS K-12 Education Outreach Team Host John Fiske Elementary at the KC Zoo


By Darryl Monteau & Lauren Debes
Spring 2015

Students from John Fiske Elementary learn about animals at the KC Zoo. Photos Above Courtesy of Darryl Monteau and Cheri Hamilton

The CReSIS K-12 Education Outreach Team hosted the John Fiske Elementary 4th grade class at the Kansas City Zoo on Thursday, May 14, 2015. Cheri Hamilton, who has worked with John Fiske Elementary for the past several years delivering the Ice, Ice, Baby! curriculum, led the group. To show appreciation for the working relationship with John Fiske Elementary, CReSIS hosted the entire 4th grade class on a special field trip to the zoo.

It was a rainy start to the day but that did not dampen spirits of 60 4th graders. The students were able to catch zoo talks featuring the penguins, polar bear, and hippopotamus and also got to see the sea lion show. After lunch, the weather cleared up and students were able to enjoy the rest of the afternoon exploring and learning more about the animals.

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