A Busy Summer of Outreach for the CReSIS Education Team


By Darryl Monteau
Spring 2015

CReSIS K-12 Educational Outreach events June 2015. Photos Courtesy of Darryl Monteau, Krystal Barnett, and Cheri Hamilton.

The CReSIS K-12 Education Outreach team participated in several exciting events this summer, the first of which was KU TRiO’s Career Horizons program held on the Lawrence campus. The CReSIS team shared activities that focused on topographical maps and sea level rise with fifty 6th grade students.

The next event took place at the Topeka Discovery Center on June 30th. The team set up demonstrations for visitors, including brand-new activities from their just-released “Polar Survival” unit. The CReSIS team also participated in the Sertoma-Schiefelbusch Communication Camp, held at the Douglas County Fairgrounds on July 1st. The team gave two presentations and did a few demonstrations, including glacier goo and what Arctic explorers wear.

The team members enjoyed giving presentations and sharing information on polar science. Krystle Barnett, a student research assistant for the Education Team commented, “I love outreach events. The students are always just so curious about the science behind sea level rise and climate change. It’s something they hear a lot about, but no one takes the time to explain. Being a part of the CReSIS education staff, I am grateful to be able to explain these concepts in ways they can observe and manipulate. And having students ask for ways they can get involved is very encouraging.”

CReSIS RET intern Jennah Seaver shared, “From fellow colleagues to working teachers to graduate students, it was inspiring to work among such talented educators who have clearly cultivated the unique ability to get through to students from such diverse backgrounds. I am convinced that the students’ experience with the sea level rise lesson helped influence a level of teamwork and collaboration which the students will carry as they advance into their educations.”

The CReSIS K-12 Education Outreach team is available to provide presentations and set up demonstrations for a wide variety educational events. For more information, please contact Cheri Hamilton at cherihamilton@ku.edu.