CReSIS Student Organization Hosts New Seminar Series


Spring 2010

Cartoons and climate change kicked off CSO’s first ever lecture series, entitled “Communicating Science.” Four speakers addressed students and faculty this semester on topics ranging from handling graduate student life to creating interactive science websites. Two speakers will round out the series this summer.

Kees van der VeenKees van der Veen
Professor of Geography, University of Kansas

"IPCC WG2 and the Decline in the Public's Trust in Climate Science”

“There exists this anti-science syndrome. People relate better to someone they can identify with. If you (scientists) can tailor your talk to your audience, it will be the first step in fixing some of the communication failures we've seen.”

Jorge Cham

Jorge Cham
Cartoonist, Piled High and Deeper

“The Power of Procrastination”

“Get out of your comfort zone. You get more used to explaining your research to others. Get out of that bubble.”

Kristine Bruss

Kristine Bruss
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, University of Kansas

"Public Speaking for Scientists and Engineers"

“To be a good presenter you need to have a design mentality. Good public presentations are the result of intentional design just like good research is the result of intentional design.”

Jane Stevens

Jane Stevens
Director of Media Strategies, The World Company

“Jurnos and Science Journalism”

“The best thing a scientist can do is engage the public. The more familiar you are to the public, the better.”

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