CReSIS welcomes new staff


By Bill Daehler
Spring 2013

Zongbo Wang

Dr. Zongbo Wang joined CReSIS in May 2013 as an assistant research professor. Wang graduated from the Beijing Institute of Technology in 2009. Since graduating, he has moved around the world, living in China, Spain, the Netherlands and Singapore. Wang’s research interests are focused around digital systems, real-time radar signal processing and signal processing algorithms development. While working at CReSIS, Wang says he will develop his interests with radar system development and digital technologies. When not working, Wang says he likes traveling, reading and watching and playing soccer.

Alexandra Dewitt

Alexandra (Lex) Dewitt joined CReSIS in the spring of 2013 as a student office assistant for Jackie St. Aubyn. Dewitt, like her predecessor, is in the University of Kansas’ five-year MARH (Master of Architecture) program. Currently a sophomore, Dewitt is planning on a career in architecture. She is originally from DeKalb County, Illinois—located just west of Chicago. Dewitt enjoys swimming and drawing in her free time.

Christian Warner

Christian Warner joined CReSIS in June 2013 as the new student webmaster following his predecessor’s graduation. Warner is majoring in computer science, and he will begin his junior year in the fall. Warner said he wanted to work at CReSIS to gain more experience working with computers, especially the hardware aspects of computing. “I’ve already been learning every day I’ve worked here,” said Warner. While not working or studying, Warner enjoys games and watching movies.