Calving giant icebergs: old principles, new applications


Publication Type:

Journal Article


Antarctic ScienceAntarctic Science, Volume 18, Number 3, p.409-419 (2006)




<p><br/>Earth-orbiting satellites can now monitor calving of large icebergs from ice shelves bordering the marine West Antarctic Ice Sheet, and recent calving events have stimulated interest in calving mechanisms. To advance this interest pioneering work in brittle and ductile fracture mechanics is reviewed, leading to a new application to calving of giant icebergs from Antarctic ice shelves. The aim is to view iceberg calving as more than terminal events for Antarctic ice when glaciologists lose interest. Instead calving launches Antarctic ice into the larger dynamic system of Earth&#39;s climate machine. This encourages a holistic approach to glaciology.</p><br/>


<p><br/>Kenneally, J. P. Hughes, T.</p><br/>