CReSIS in Antarctica

Upcoming Deployments

  • Antarctic Summer 22-23 Multipass Ice-Penetrating Radar on Thwaites Glacier

    Field testing of a dual-band polarimetric ice-penetrating radar capable of measuring englacial vertical deformation and ice crystal orientation fabric along a profile of the ice-sheet while simultaneously swath mapping ice-sheet internal layers and bedrock topography in 3D over a cross-track width of ~1 km.

  • Center for OLDest Ice EXploration (COLDEX) - Multichannel Accumulation Radar

    KU will deploy an accumulation radar (600-900 MHz ice sounder) to measure vertical velocity and produce 2D and 3D images of the ice base to support COLDEX


  • NSFPLR-Ground Physics Survey of Thwaites Glacier

    Deployment of a ground based Accumulation Radar

Previous Deployments

CReSIS participated as part of the NASA 2018 Antarctic deployment based in Punta Arenas, Chile and Ushuaia, Argentina from Oct.7th to November 19th, 2018. The team deployed the MCoRDS, KU-Band and Snow radar systems. This was the first OIB deployment after ICESAT II launched. Several of the flight lines were designed for calibration and validation of ICESAT.