CReSIS Domestic

Upcoming Deployments

Our team will return to the Black Hills National Forest the last week of January/First week of February to conduct airborne radar snow depth measurements over a drainage basin in the Black Hills National Forest in support of Dr. Emily Arnolds NOAA project.  These measurements will be used in hydrological models for improved seasonal prediction of streamflow.

In October 2021 CReSIS will deploy our ultra-wideband Snow Radar on a Vanilla-Unmanned VA001 UAS in Deadhorse, Alaska to measure sea ice in the Artic Ocean.  

Previous Deployments

From January 26, 2020 to February 11, 2020 a three person team deployed to Rapid City, South Dakota to conduct snow death measurements for Dr. Emily Arnolds "Airborne Snow Depth Retrieval for Improved Hydrological Modeling" NOAA award. The team: Betty Shang (Research Engineer), Bailey Miller ( AE Graduate Student) and Zachary Barnett ( Pilot) conducted flights over the Black Hills National Forest totaling 40 hours of science collection over the 10 day period. Flights were conducted using a Cessna 172 owned by KU Aerospace Engineering outfitted with the Compact Snow Radar.