Crewed CReSIS Platforms

Crewed Aircraft

Installation of a horn antenna on the wing strut and a expanded view of the radar installed on the plane
KU Aerospace C-172 with Snow Radar installed

KU Aerospace C-172

  • The C-172 was fitted with a horn antenna and radar system for snow depth measurements


  • Black Hill National Forest, SD: 2020 and 2021

Funded work

Looking down the plane showing the installed radar tub attached to the bottom of the plane between the wings
Fairing for the NASA DC-8


  • Since 2009 CReSIS deployed MCoRDS, Snow, and KU-band Altimeter radars as part of NASA Operation Ice Bridge

  • In 2009 a new fairing was designed and installed on the DC-8.


closeup of the P3 airplane airborne showing antenna arrays on the belly and wings.
NASA P3 with 15 element antenna array


  • Outfitted in 2010 with the largest array ever flown on the P3 CReSIS participated in multiple deployments as part of NASAs Operation Ice Bridge


  • Greenland 2010-2014 and 2016-2018

  • Antarctica 2017

Beautiful snowy Antarctica with NSF Twin Otter being loaded with equipment for a radar survey. The TO has been fitted with Skis to allow it to land on snow and ice
Twin Otter

Twin Otter

  • CReSIS has flown radars on various Twin Otters: Kenn Borek (NSF) in Greenland and Antarctica, Norlandair in Iceland and Greenland and BAS in Antarctica


  • Greenland

  • Antarctica

Basler, a twin prop plane, at sunset
Airtec Basler with custom designed antenna array installed


  • CReSIS has deployed radars on three Basler aircraft: RDS radar with a 24 element array, Snow and KU band for Alfred Wegner Institute (AWI)

  • Kenn Borek (NSF) RDS 8 element array with Snow and KU and Airtec with a RDS 8 element array


  • Greenland

  • Antarctica