Electronic Fabrication and Test Equipment

The Electronic Fabrication lab designs electronic components and circuits for radars and other applications.

Electronic Fabrication

The electronic fabrication lab includes a reflow oven, microscopes (with video inspection), soldering/rework stations and a temperature test chamber.

Paulette Place- CReSIS technician soldering a circuit board for a radar

Electronic Testing

A significant amount of existing, modern test equipment is available through CReSIS. The list below summarizes the Center’s major test equipment resources.
• Network analyzers (two 40 GHz, two 6 GHz, one 1.8 GHz)
• RF signal synthesizers (two 20 GHz, one 2 GHz)
• Spectrum analyzers (one at 50 GHz, one at 22 GHz, one 1.8 GHz)
• High-speed oscilloscopes (two 1 GHz)
• Frequency counter (one 26 GHz)
• Direct digital, arbitrary waveform synthesizers (one with 2.4-GHz sampling frequency, one with 800-MHz sampling frequency, five with 200-MHz sampling frequencies)
• Digital signal analyzer (22Gs/s sampling speed)