LEAPES Faculty

  • Dr. Shawn Keshmiri

    LEAPES/KU Director

    Dr. Keshmiri's research focuses on the intelligence and evolution of Adaptive Controllers for UASs.

  • Dr. Weizhang Huang

    Dr. Weizhang Huang

    Professor Huang's research interests are numerical analysis and scientific computing with emphasis on the numerical solution of partial differential equations.

  • Dr. Suzanne Shontz

    Dr. Suzanne Shontz

    Professor Shontz's research interests lie in the area of parallel scientific computing.

  • Dr. Heechul Yun

    Dr. Heechul Yun

    Dr. Yun's research focus build safe and secure real-time computing system infrastructure (OS, architecture, and middleware) for intelligent cyber-physical systems.

Ahmet Soyyigit

  • Ahmet Soyyigit

    Ahmet Soyyigit

    PhD candidate in Computer Science. My research focuses on making deep learning applications work in real-time on commercial off-the-shelf embedded systems. The application domain I focus is autonomous driving.

  • Moein Moradi

    Moein Moradi

  • QiTao Weng

    QiTao Weng

    I am a Master’s student in Computer Science at the University of Kansas. I am also working as a Graduate Research Assistant for the Computer Systems Lab at KU with a research focus on AI for embedded and real-time systems.