Fernando Rodriguez-Morales

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  • Senior Scientist

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307 Nichols Hall
2335 Irving Hill Road
Lawrence, KS 66045


Dr. Rodriguez-Morales is a key contributor to the design, development, installation, and calibration of numerous radar instruments, which have been deployed onboard multiple surface-based as well as manned and unmanned airborne platforms. He has led or co-led multiple radar surveys of ice and snow in the Arctic and the Antarctic. Before joining CReSIS, Dr. Rodriguez-Morales developed devices, circuits, and systems for passive remote sensing at microwave, millimeter-wave, and sub-millimeter waves.


B.S. in Electronics, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, 1999, Mexico City, Mexico
M.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 2003, Amherst, Massachusetts
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 2007, Amherst, Massachusetts

Selected Publications

F. Rodriguez-Morales, et al., “An Improved UWB Microwave Radar for Very Long-Range Measurements of Snow Cover,” IEEE Trans. Instr. Meas., (in press), 10.1109/TIM.2020.2982813.

E. Arnold, C. Leuschen, F. Rodriguez-Morales, J. Li, J. Paden, R. Hale, S. Keshmiri (2019), “CReSIS airborne radars and platforms for ice and snow sounding, ” Ann. Glaciol. 1–10. https://doi.org/10.1017/ aog.2019.37

F. Rodríguez-Morales, et al., “Radar Systems for Ice and Snow Measurements Onboard Manned and Unmanned Aircraft,” IEEE Latin America Trans., Vol. 17, No. 9, Sep. 2018, pp. 2473-2480.

E. Arnold, F. Rodriguez-Morales, J. Paden, C. Leuschen, S. Keshmiri, S. Yan, M. Ewing, R. Hale, A. Mahmood, A. Blevins, A. Mishra, T. Karidi, B. Miller, J. Sonntag,  HF/VHF Radar Sounding of Ice from Manned and Unmanned Airborne Platform." Geosci., Vol. 8.5, May 2018.

J.B. Yan, S. Gogineni, F. Rodriguez-Morales, D. Gomez-Garcia, J. Paden, J. Li, C. Leuschen, D. Braaten, J. Richter-Menge, S. Farrell, J. Brozena, and R. Hale. “Airborne Measurements of Snow Thickness Using ultrawide-band Frequency-Modulated-Continuous-Wave Radars,” IEEE Geosci. Remote Sens. Mag., Vol. 5, No.2, Jun. 2017, pp. 57-76.